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In-house and one-on-one Lead Auditor training for Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety programs:

The ultimate goal for any audit program is to create improvement. As an auditor, you must develop many skills: review previous audit reports, develop an audit plan, conduct opening and closing meetings, carry out staff interviews, and finally, write a report that your senior team will act on.

Once you venture from the traditional yes/no tick box approach of auditing, you have entered into a high risk/reward zone. You are now engaged in conversations rather than interrogations, you refer to your checklist only on occasion, rather than using it as a script, and identifying useful findings, while more challenging, it is also more rewarding.

To achieve this you must not only have a firm grasp of the standard you are working with, but the management principles that drive it. These principles have been developed using the existing science on organisational behaviour, and you will need this perspective if you wish to take your auditing skill to a higher level.

Whether you are an individual who feels frustrated with the audit results you are getting or an organisation who wants more value from their internal audit reports, RJS Business systems can help. Our objective is to provide auditors with not only the technical skills they need, but the 'art' of obtaining findings that both operational staff and management will thank you for.

For in house training, we will work with you prior to submitting a proposal to make sure the content, material, approach and time requirements are aligned with your objectives. For individuals, a complimentary 20 minute discussion on SKYPE will provide you with the opportunity to discuss areas that you wish to improve and see where we can help.

The video immediately below, entitled, 'three auditor training tips' will provide some examples of the overall approach. And the client comments page should give you an idea of results we have achieved. If you wish to find out more contact Richard by either phone or email.


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